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Woah, hang on ...

Did I make a website?

Who the hell am i?

My name is Tony Dymock, I used to be a spy until ... Well, no, that's not quite true. I was going to rip off Burn Notice but that's too obscure a reference for the modern crowd.

I am a 31-year-old privileged white guy who doesn't believe in political correctness. I've had heart surgery, I ride motorbikes, I build cool shit, and my entire apartment is voice-activated. You could say I'm a real-life Tony Stark ... I don't quite have that kind of money, but I'm definitely better looking.

Anyways. Welcome to my hole on the internet. Read the blog, check out the Cool Stuff I Like, or just message me to tell me how much fun the site is.

And yes, the Comic Sans is deliberate. 1995 is BACK baby, bring on the WordART!

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Prahran, Victoria, Australia

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