If it's got wheels, I can move it

I'm an engineer, so that's no surprise

As a kid, I was obsessed with motorbikes. I would draw tonnes of motorcycles and F1 pictures, much to my parent chagrin. I distinctly remember sneaking out of bed in 94 to watch the F1 - the fateful race where my hero Ayrton Senna slammed into a turnpike at 300kph. That was my first taste of death but didn't impact my love of engines.


Anyway, I love all vehicles. I obtained my motorcycle license at 18 and added my truck license through the army not long after. I also spent some time around the mechanised units and spent a few hours driving an M1A1 Abrams tank. So really I have a legal license to move anything with wheels. Even tanks. I can break them, I can build them, I can thrash them.

At any rate, here are my collections to date. Enjoy!

00 Duck.jpg

2nd Bike - 1996 Ducati Monster 600

01 Prelude.jpg

2nd Car - 1996 Honda Prelude VTiR