I am a full-blown Cat Daddy

As I child I never cared much for the family cat. Being honest, it was quite an asshole and spent most of it's time leaping out at me from behind the bushes, or jumping on my face in the middle of the night. It was a nightmare compared to the dogs.

As I grew older my perceptions changed and I came to love their independence, their fickle nature, their unpredictability, and most of all, their endless affection. You see, a cat's love and affection are earned. If you don't treat them well, they won't come near you. This has helped in my dating life. Does a girl pass the cat test? Nope? Out you get, she-demon.

My current fluff ball is a rescue. He was rescued from a kill-shelter at 2-weeks old and contracted cat chlamydia. I adopted him at 8-weeks and helped nurse him back to full health. By the time he healed, he was permanently cross-eyed and absolutely adorable. He struggles with depth perception which can be funny at times, but lives a full and healthy life.

In order to support my cat habit, I created a website dedicated to teaching indoor cat owners how to create an environment that stimulates and keeps their feline friends happy. The business was called The Kitty Whisperer, which is a nice double entendre that not many people picked up on it. Sadly, COVID brought that business to an end.