I like tech things

Nerds rule the world

I've always loved technology. From pulling things apart at 3 years old (I'm sorry mumma, I never meant to hurt you ...) to working all things digital now, it's a passion of mine. As an extrovert, I've been able to combine my love of people with my love of tech into a role known as Product Management. This involves speaking to a lot of people, understanding their problems, and creating solutions for their needs.

You may be familiar with such buzzwords as synergy, double diamonds, alignment, retros, Agile, etc etc. This is my life in a nutshell. Buzzwords.

In other news, I'm also a digital gunslinger. I've built a number of websites for myself and others. Hit on the images to see my ... errmmm ... bodies of work ;) 



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Prahran, Victoria, Australia

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