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Nerds rule the world

I've always loved technology. From pulling things apart at 3 years old (I'm sorry mumma, I never meant to hurt you ...) to working all things digital now, it's a passion of mine. As an extrovert, I've been able to combine my love of people with my love of tech into a role known as Product Management. This involves speaking to a lot of people, deeply understanding their problems, and creating solutions for their needs.

You may be familiar with such buzzwords as synergy, double diamonds, alignment, retros, Agile, etc etc. This is my life in a nutshell. Buzzwords.

In other news, I'm also a digital gunslinger. I've built a number of websites for myself and others. Hit on the images to see my ... errmmm ... bodies of work ;) 

If you're looking to get your own website, hit me up via the contact form at the bottom and I'll be in touch!

The George On Collins (hospitality)

Full WordPress build for a high-end restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. Includes integrations with OpenTable, MyGuestList, and all the usual socials. Client was very happy with a two-week turnaround and has upped their business and online presence as a result.


The Kitty Whisperer (eCommerce - defunct)

My first attempt at eCommerce, launched about 6 months before COVID struck us down. Unfortunately I was unable to secure my supply lines when the world decided to crap itself so the business died ... It will be revived in time however! My passion for cats and technology cannot be quenched!


Regent Property (Real Estate - UK based)

This was a fun one! Built a real estate agency in the UK a website, incorporating all the tools and services we don't have here in Australia. Code is fortunately a universal language, so this wasn't much of a challenge. Client has gone from a 2001 build to a 2020 build and is super happy with the result.


Masco Build (construction firm)

Simple website to showcase the capabilities and work of a Tier 3 construction company. Straight forward, mobile responsive, with project highlights as per the client requests. The design was made to be as simple as possible for the client to edit on their own accord.


Chachos Windsor (restaurant & bar)

A favour for a mate. Delivering delicious food and drink, the website needed to match the vibe. Funky fresh with awesome integrations to the booking and contact systems, the client/mate was very happy with the end result. The most important thing was responsivity which is nailed 💪