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Smart Home - LIFX bulbs and strips

When I was applying the finishing touches to my new Koala base by sliding the headboard sensually into the allotted holes, a dangerous thought occurred to me.

"How badass would this look with an LED strip?"

Which lead me to my next moment of genius ...

"How awesome would it be to hook up all my lamps to wifi LEDs?"

With such empowering questions, and a recent influx of cash thanks to a cancelled proposal, what's a single guy to do? There's only one course of action fitting a king.

Skip down to JB and plonk down some money on two LIFX Mini-Colour LED bulbs and matching Z-Strip, as LIFX call it.

I won't bore you with the details of unpacking and installing the bulbs; they're simple enough that any line worker with half a brain could figure it out.

The LED strip behind the bedhead needed a little more thought. The complication comes when you have a curious kitty that wants to investigate every tiny thing its human slave chooses to do. His input was neither appreciated nor required, as always, but he provides it regardless.

For those planning to fit the strip to a headboard, follow the picture below. I gave an offset of 100mm initially, but the light spread from the beam was a little too close to the edge, creating a bleeding effect that was painfully obvious in the mirror. I ended up moving it into 175mm offset from the side all around, and that works for me.

Once that's done, the next step is to get the app and connect them all: a trivial task and a well-built app. The lights auto-update once they connect to your wifi and from there, you're right to use Google Assistant to command luminance like Darth Vader at Christmas.

Where these toys get funky is the neat little tricks you can do. I could be sitting with someone at a bar across the road, ask them what their favourite colour is, turn the lights on to match, and blow their mind when they see it. I could even have the light colours bounce and change around the house according to music. That's the gimmicky side of things.

Where these bad boys come into their own is the scenes powered by Google Assistant routines. When my phone alarm goes off at 5 am, all the lights turn blue and make me feel like I'm on the deck of the Rocinante ready to SWAT me some space pirates (I'm a geek, deal with it). When I get home, the lights match to the phones yellow night light and ease me into slumber with a gentle, serene, yellowing glow. I am impressed.

All in all, a worthy investment, and one I'd recommend to bachelor's everywhere who are hell-bent on having the slickest pads they can create. My next step is to attack them with a couple Google Home's and bring 2001: A Space Odessey to life.

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