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Tidying Up - Marie Kondo Style

Two weeks post heart skippedy skip.

I had parked my ass on the couch watching Netflix long enough to be able to recite the new Sabrina word for word. Helps that the main character is a cutie, but that's a different matter.

I needed some action. Something to remind myself that I'm a human being with moving limbs and capable of achieving things if I set my mind to it. Fortunately, Netflix in all its glory took pity on me and presented a euphoric delight to soothe my pain.

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

There are multiple episodes, each covering different life circumstances to help everyone get their shit sorted at home. Well, ok, that's a lie. I'm not sure a South Sudanese family subjected to civil war for the last 20 years could get much out of this documentary series. Maybe just us privileged first-world folk benefit from it ... I digress.

Marie Kondo's method involves a few steps, but being the rebel I am I ignored her rules and changed them to suit myself. Goes a little something like this;

  • Unpack all your shit and dump it in the living room. Everything, from every room, every drawer, every cupboard, everything.

  • Organise it into item TYPES, not rooms. Clothes with clothes, cooking stuff with cooking stuff, books with documents, etc.

  • Look at each item objectively. Have you used it in a few months? Will you use it in a few months? Forget sentimentality. If you use it (or as Marie says, brings you joy), put it in a keep pile. If not, thank it for its time in your possession and put it in a discard pile.

  • Do that over and over until you've been through everything. If your discard pile is smaller than your keep pile, go back and do it again. And be objective.

Having just wrapped up a relationship, this was a perfect opportunity to look at everything with a fresh set of eyes and decide what I wanted to keep and remember my old self with. Some people hang on to "memorabilia" for way too long and that sucks the juice out of them. Screw that noise.

By the time I was finished, it took three carloads to donate it all to the Red Cross. Amongst the interesting finds were two Xmas trees, 20 pairs of shoes, heaps and heaps of clothes, three sets of plates and bowls, 30 cutlery sets ...

What the hell is a 30-year-old single guy supposed to do with all that crap?

Not a damn thing. Minimise your life. Make it happen!


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