• Tony Dymock

Your diet isn't just what you eat

What do you eat? What do you drink? What drugs are you pumping into your body? These are important, but ...

Your diet isn't only what you eat. It's everything you consume. The books you read. The media you watch and listen to. The people you surround yourself with. They're all part of your diet.

All of these things shape who you are and what you become. You decide what you consume. What you consume determines what kind of life you'll live.

How's your diet working out for you? Does it align with what you want for yourself and your life? Is it moving you forward or holding you back? What small change could you make to it today? What can you cut out or add-in?

Changing your diet is an ongoing process. Trying new things. Stopping others. See how it all works for you. You'll rack up some wins and chalk up some losses. Success and failures. But of your choosing. Mistakes will be made, and that's ok.

Keep showing up. Keep doing the work. Keep shaping your diet for your best life. You are worthy of that life.

You've got this.